Friday, March 23, 2012

Sharing the Light Some More

I also had the privilege to photograph the O' Rourke Family during our Sharing the Light Photography Workshop.  Thank you O' Rourke family for coming out and putting up with 5 photographers.  We enjoyed your family!!  They celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary a few days after the shoot and have 2 adorable daughters.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sharing the Light

It is about time that I posted something new.  1/3 of a year goes by and all I did was blink.  I've been busy with homeschooling, family, home, and photography.  In the midst of my laundry, toys in the hallway, books stacked on my night stand to read, dishes ready to be put away, bills ready to be paid, I sit here at my trusty computer finally posting some photos and working on some wedding photos.  My 5 children are all asleep and my home is dead silent.  I feel truly blessed by it all.

These photos are from a workshop I did with some amazing fellow moms and photographers.  Thank you to our wonderful model, Lindsay Anne. Not only did we learn a lot from each other, but we had fun!  We are in a photography group called, Sharing the Light, and that is just what we want our lives about.