Friday, April 8, 2011

Potpourri of Images

Oh my...March came and left.  It was a fun month with a mix of photo shoots.  I took photos of a sweet little preemie, a beautiful girl expecting her first child while her husband is away in Iraq, a group of amazing soon to be Graduates, head shots of a talented woman for her company's website, an adorable baby boy, and I managed to sneak in some shots of my own little girl and bubbly little niece.  Through it all, I've been pondering on "my style."  What is my style as a photographer?  I am a tee shirt and jeans kind of girl.  Yet there are those moments I love to get all dressed up.  I love being simple.  Yet there are times I want to create and set the stage in such a way.  This carries over in my photography.  I love simple precious moments that aren't staged, but caught.  I also love to pick the colors, arrange the subjects, and add elements in a photo that make it creative and fun.  I want my clients to be who they are in their photos and it is also fun to create a unique shot for them.  That is the kind of photographer I am!